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Photos 'Prove' Donald Trump Is Time Traveller John Titor February 25, 2017 Sean Adl-Tabatabai Weird 1 President Donald Trump may be the legendary time traveller John Titor, who travelled back to Earth in 2000 to warn humanity about an impending global nuclear war However, Titor's name does show up again in 2016 when Donald Trump was nominated for president. In a nutshell (possibly an appropriate allegory), Trump's uncle, John G. Trump, was rumored to be in possession of Nikolas Tesla's time machine plan John Titor è il nome utilizzato, tra il 2000 e il 2001, da un utente (o più utenti) di vari forum ad accesso libero, dichiaratosi un soldato statunitense reclutato in un progetto governativo di viaggi nel tempo e proveniente dall'anno 2036.. Nei suoi post Titor ha dichiarato di essere stato inviato indietro nel tempo per recuperare da suo nonno ingegnere un esemplare di IBM 5100 Despite all John Trump's scientific contributions, including methods for curing cancer, Donald appears to mostly speak about his uncle's warnings of nuclear war. Many have cited John Trump's foresight as proof that he might have seen John Titor's future ravaged by nuclear war and government corruption John Titor predictions of President #Trump - Timeline to year 2036 - John Titor #DonaldTrump legacy Before leaving, John Titor offered us advice. Learn basic sanitation. Learn to clean your gun, and then learn to shoot it. And pack yourself a bug-out bag, holding.

If Trump could time travel, then the theory is that he has come back from the future to save us all from a nuclear holocaust (which we'll discuss shortly with the John Titor stuff). What's curious here is that Donald Trump told Anderson Cooper in March 2016 that it was only a matter of time (emphasis on time ) before North Korea has nuclear weapons Titor's posts. The first posts using John Titor's military symbol appeared on the Time Travel Institute forums on November 2, 2000, under the name TimeTravel_0. At that time the name John Titor was not being used. The posts discussed time travel in general, the first one being the six parts description of what a time machine would need to have to work (see below) and responses to questions. Con queste parole, un uomo di nome John Titor si presentò in un forum il giorno 2 novembre 2000. Il suo primo post, con nickname TimeTravel_0 , è del 2 novembre 2000 sul forum del sito web del Time Travel Institute, che, diversamente da quanto suggerisce il nome, è un semplice gruppo di appassionati sulla tematica del viaggio nel tempo e non un istituto di ricerca scientifica sul viaggio.

A lot has changed since John Titor first posted at the Time Travel Institute in 2000-2001, and even more has changed since I first wrote my 'John Titor Predictions' post back in 2012. This is an updated version, with a new look at some of Titor's most popular predictions and quotes, involving our potential future and the alleged time traveler's own worldline Given John Titor couldn't predict Trump would be the president, we can be 100% sure this is attention whoring fraud, and as good of a guess as any. I should challenge him to a duel. He must bring a space laser from the future (or his bare fists if he can't find it), while I bring a gun Trump, Tesla, John Titor, IBM and Time Travel. And Oh yes 1900, The Last Presiden Bombshell lightning bolt pic 'PROVES Donald Trump is 2036 time traveller John Titor' DONALD Trump is thought to be legendary time traveller John Titor - and now conspiracy theorists believe there is photographic evidence Il crononauta, il soldato John Titor appunto, affermava di provenire dal 2036 e di essere stato mandato indietro nel passato con una missione ben precisa: recuperare un calcolatore Ibm 5100

Finalmente il 2015 è terminato e possiamo sancire con assoluta certezza che nessuna bomba nucleare è stata sganciata dalla Russia sulle città americane. Eh sì, perché questa era una delle previsioni fatte da John Titor, il più famoso cronauta del mondo, il viaggiatore nel tempo, che ha fatto il giro di internet, a riprova che [ In 1998, a radio host of a popular science fiction show got a fax from an American soldier, who claimed to have detailed knowledge of time travel.In November of 2000, that same American soldier logged onto a message board. His name was John Titor, and like all of the other commenters on the forum, he posted several messages and engaged in conversation on multiple threads about a time machine John Titor è il nickname di un personaggio apparso su un forum in Internet fra il 2000 e il 2001, dichiarando di essere un viaggiatore nel tempo proveniente dall'anno 2036.. Egli avrebbe rivelato fatti e avvenimenti che sarebbero accaduti fra la sua nascita e la sua partenza verso il passato.Il suo passaggio sul web ha alimentato forti discussioni sul suo conto e sul futuro dell'umanità John Titor - osoba podająca się za podróżnika w czasie, rzekomo urodzona w 1998 roku, przybyła do współczesności (w roku 2000) z przyszłości (roku 2036) jako 38-latek.. 2 listopada 2000 roku w Internecie na pewnym forum dyskusyjnym zaczęły pojawiać się posty od osoby, która nazwała się TimeTravel_0 (Podróżwczasie_0) (później przedstawiała się jako John Titor) i.

The decline of Western stability was already happening when John Titor was there back in 2000. We have to admit, under Trump many people see a collapse of Western stability, especially in newspapers, which is reported since 2016 / 2017. It depends on interpretation. 2008 -> 2018 = 61 Image: From John Titor's alleged time machine operations manual. On March 24, 2001 John Titor shared his final message. I will be leaving this worldline shortly and this will be my final post, he wrote. True to his word, he never posted again. To this day, no one knows John Titor's true identity Trump was first linked to it several years ago, and now it's circulating the internet big time. The conspiracy begins with a man named John Titor. He allegedly time-travelled from the year 2036 to the year 2000 to warn the world that a nuclear war against ISIS is just around the corner. Titor appeared on 4Chan with his bizarre story

"Far Cry 5’s story looks like a morally dubious mess

13 Theories & Creepy Predictions About Donald Trump & Son Barron From TRENDING NOW on YourTango. Apparently people believe there was a man named John Titor who traveled from the year 2036. I'm John Titor. Things aren't looking so good. President Trump will lose to Biden's election fraud in November. Most Republicans will lose to Democrats due to this. The Democratic Party has become organized crime in the truest sense of the word. They are criminals

Photos 'Prove' Donald Trump Is Time Traveller John Titor

John Titor's insignia. That name is important because that was the identity he chose to travel with — into the far future. Trump had been able to turn Tesla's theoretical time machine into a working prototype. And John Titor discovered that America (and the entire world) had become a nuclear dystopia caused by radical Islamic. Posted by John Titor on 02-10-2001 09:49 AM Waco, Ruby Ridge and Elian exist in your news archives. Telling you about impending place crashes or other disasters (provided I could give you exact dates and times) may save lives at one point but cause cascading changes that take others at a later point John Titor es el nombre usado en varias BBSs (tablones de anuncios electrónicos) durante los años 2000 y 2001 por un usuario que decía ser un viajero del tiempo del año 2036. [1] En esos mensajes hizo numerosas predicciones (algunas de ellas vagas, otras fueron específicas) [2] acerca de eventos en el futuro cercano, empezando con eventos en el 2004 John Titor could simply not have been invented, in all his complexities, one weekend by the average bored teenager. Another theory is that John Titor was devised for social control. As the year 2036 is painted in a very specific manner, some people have claimed that Titor is a right wing personality, invented in order to instill fear of the federal government Il 24 marzo 2001 John Titor annuncia che è giunto il momento di tornare nel suo tempo e da allora non è più ricomparso, fatta eccezione per qualche imitatore. Nel 2005 un certo Ethan Jensen, proveniente direttamente dal 2118, racconta che John è stato punito al suo ritorno per aver rivelato troppo senza permesso

The Mysterious John Titor, Trump and Today's Time

Interesting story to say the least - the son of Trump is sending information from the future to Trump to help with every move needed to defeat the Deep state Last Edited by JADR+ on 07/27/2019 08:26 AM. Try the steak sauce test Thread: DONALD TRUMP IS JOHN TITOR?! (This is GLP after all!) Quoting: JADR+ This ultimately lead to an energy-driven time-machine that the Trump family used to master the election of Donald to become President of the United States, and further to that, the man posting as John Titor was actually a time-travelling Donald Trump - or at least someone acting in his interest John Titor è su Facebook. Iscriviti a Facebook per connetterti con John Titor e altre persone che potresti conoscere. Grazie a Facebook puoi mantenere i.. Donald Trump Theory. On August 17th, 2016, an anonymous 4chan user submitted a thread titled Trump Has a Time Machine, speculating that Donald Trump was actually the time traveler John Titor and had used a time machine based on blueprints collected from the deceased scientist Nikola Tesla. The post claimed that Mike Pence was also a time travel, but had been cloned several times over to.

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  1. g true, erosion of civil rights, a president who tried to unite the country like Lincoln (Obama) and a president who is more interested in maintaining his clout and power base instead of uniting and progressing the country (Trump)
  2. John Trump left his nephew with his findings hoping that at a later date Trump would be able to complete what he started. This is where two theories combine into one. John Titor, the famous time traveller is believed to actually be Donald Trump
  3. After the failure of these predictions, most of the Titor activity online died down. But not all of it. In 2009, a report by John Hughston, who runs the Hoax Hunter website, named Larry Haber, a Florida entertainment lawyer, and John Rick Haber, his computer scientist brother, as the men behind John Titor www.telegraph.co.uk..
  4. John Titor's Time Machine, built by General Electric in 2034. Source: John Titor. Sierra City, CA — Famous time traveler John Titor has admitted in a recent interview that his warning of a dim and apocalyptic future was fabricated to spice up what he said was a very boring and ordinary existence in 2036. Mr. Titor, who visited Gish Gallop offices back in August 2019, requested that.
  5. Donald Trump, alias John Titor, Time Traveler Before you read the 4chan thread below, you might be interested to know that Donald Trump really did have an uncle named John Trump, who was a professor of engineering at MIT
  6. ator and so on on kids.

Donald Trump inauguration: John Titor 'time traveller from

  1. John George Trump (August 21, 1907 - February 21, 1985) was an American electrical engineer, inventor, and physicist. A professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1936 to 1973, he was a recipient of U.S. President Ronald Reagan's National Medal of Science and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. John Trump was noted for developing rotational radiation therapy
  2. John Titor e la guerra civile in america Sentendo il telegiornale a proposito di Trump e di come le grandi città come new York si schierino contro di lui mentre le provincie lo sostengano ho avuto chiarezza dell'ipotesi di una guerra tra le campagne e le città proprio come diceva Titor essere avvenuto nel suo tempo
  3. john titor trump. john titor official website. Halloween 2020 Suomi Yamete Looking for information on the manga Yamete! Oneechan? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. 1-3
  4. g to be a time-traveler. On the forum, Titor claimed that he was traveling from the year 2036 and returning home after completing a mission in 1975 where he retrieved an IBM 5100 computer. image sourc
  5. Trump parla di Ufo e Roswell. A Roswell ci sono cose interessanti! John Titor: L'uomo che veniva dal futuro. Saluti. Sono un viaggiatore temporale proveniente dall'anno 2036. Sto tornando a casa dopo aver recuperato [...] 15 Giu. Articoli Recenti. 19 Giu. Trump parla di Ufo e Roswell
  6. And some people claim that he has another such identity - as John Titor. 6 Some claim that Trump is really a man called John Titor, who came from the future to change the course of history Credit.
  7. John Titor, Time Traveler from Year 2036, and the Bible Code. Rudolph Linzy. 5:32. Dr Mistério - John Titor , O homem que veio do ano de 2036. Multiplataforma. Joe Biden Condemns Trump's Response to Protest. SSD News. 1:40. Joe Biden Condemns Trump's Response to Protest. Cover Video. 4:03. Biden - U.S. is desperate for.

John Titor predictions of President #Trump - Timeline to

Is Donald Trump the Time Traveller John Titor

  1. I'm pretty sure that John is in this area due in part to the clues that he left behind, but also some modern coincidences that I am watching unfold here daily. I don't think John Titors name is John Titor. I think that Titor is just a pen name, and more specifically, a reference to one of my childhood friends from the early 1990s
  2. Viele sehen eine Parallele zu Trump, weil dieser ähnlich wie Titor immer wieder vor der grossen Gefahr eines atomaren Kriegs warnte. In Interviews brachte Donald Trump regelmässig seinen Onkel John zur Sprache und verwies auf dessen Warnungen vor Atomwaffen und den Schaden, den sie verursachen könnten
  3. Wer sich noch an Marty McFly und Doc Brown erinnert, die in dem Film Zurück in die Zukunft mit einem Auto durch die Zeit reisten, kennt vielleicht noch nicht John Titor, ein echter Zeitreisender, der im Jahre 2000 auftauchte und behauptete, er käme aus dem Jahr 2036, um ganz verstohlen einen wichtigen Computerchip zu besorgen, den es in seiner Zeit leider nicht mehr gab
  4. John Titor is an alias used by a person that claims to be a time traveler from the year 2036. He appears at different times depending on the Attractor Field, appearing in the year 2010 in Field Alpha, and the year 2000 in Field Beta. Titor's name appears first in the first episode of the series..
  5. John Titor's time machine John Titor: Time Traveler. O n this Podcast we cover an internet sensation, whose flurry of posts talking about time travelling military missions, future predictions and the format of the universe, sparked a debate on their veracity which still continues today. John Titor: time traveller, soldier, hero, herald. He proclaimed himself a visitor from an alternate.
  6. Who was John Titor, the 'time traveller' who came from 2036 to warn us of a nuclear war? As the world celebrates Back to the Future Day, it has forgotten the unknown man whose 2001 internet.

Dr. John & Tesla: Time Travel Technology. FBI seized Nikola Tesla's property (under an Alien Property claim even though he was American). The FBI called MIT for help in understanding Tesla's work so a professor named Dr. John Trump came in to look through his notes and equipment John Kowalski Self-requested ban. Banned. Oct 27, 2017 10,442. Apr 17, 2020 #22 Did he name-drop President Trump? Case closed . jett Community Resettler. Member. Oct 25, 2017 23,777. Apr 17, 2020 #42 JOHN TITOR 3:16 . fucking john titor, one of my first honest to goodness internet mystery memes. love that shit,. John Titor = John Trump experimenting with tesla time machine. Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration

Solar eclipse 2017 marks COLLAPSE of the US as Donald

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According to John Titor, he is/was/will be a North American soldier from 2036 who returned to the year 1975 to get an IBM 5100 computer. On his return to 2036, he makes a stop by in 2000 for particular family matters and to warn the world about the American Civil War, the World War III, and Mad Cow Disease John Titor appeared on November 2, 2000 posted on a forum as Time Travel­_0. He later changed his pseudonym to John Titor, and stated he was a time traveler from the year of 2036. He posted this message: Greetings. I am a time traveler from the year 2036. I am.. #civilwar in France this friday for those patriots that are prepared. June 19 #holywar has started #civilwar in France this friday for those patriots that are prepared. June 19 #holywar has start Despre John Titor, călătorul în timp care a apărut pe forumurile de pe Internet din anul 2000, am vorbit mai multe în cadrul acestui articol: John Titor, călătorul în timp. De fapt, John Titor este poate cel mai faimos călător în timp; el susţinea că ar fi un soldat care venea din viitor (anul 2036),. A previous example can be found in the saga of John Titor, a supposed time traveler from 2036 who claimed to have been sent to prevent the Y2K bug and revealed himself via fax to Art Bell in.

5 Steps U Need 2 Take Right Now, It's much worse than they say, We're in the BullsEye. Economic Carnage is coming, Simple (Common Sense) Guide to Product Your Family, Learn Mor Donald Trump presidente? Si sapeva dal 2000. Con il passaggio al nuovo millennio sono state centinaia le previsioni che hanno affollato il web. Una di queste, pubblicata da un certo John Titor,.

A (New) Look At John Titor's Predictions - Stranger Dimension

A mysterious and debated time traveler from the US, John Titor, claims to travel across time and he came up with various forecasts that surprised people. Though the majority of these predictions went wrong, still it uses to surprise people and thus, they kept on discussing about those predictions. (1) The World War III will break out in 200 (John Titor: World's only Time Traveller) Before we start let's know about Time travel. Time travel has always been a fictitious topic to discuss. H.G.Wells popularized the idea of Time traveling in his work The Time Machine. We all moving forward every second, Is it possible to go back in time? Some say yes and [

John Titor Predicts Trump's 12 Year Presidency, page

Trump, Tesla, John Titor, IBM and Time Travel

After Titor successfully retrieved this IBM 5100, he made a pit stop in the year 2000, and then stuck around until 2001. During this time, he shared pictures of his time machine and uploaded diagrams and blueprints of it. When dubious commenters asked what he was doing in 2001, Titor explained that he'd wanted to gather photographs, ones he'd later lose in a (future) civil war Nostradamus 2020 predictions: WAR, Trump impeachment and rising seas in the New Year NOSTRADAMUS' 16th-century prophecies are said to have predicted the rise of Adolf Hitler, the threat of global. Jun 28, 2014 - John Titor Time Traveler?. See more ideas about Time travel, John, Time Here is a short summary about John titor and his story: The first posts appeared on the Time Travel Institute forums on November 2, 2000, under the name TimeTravel_0. At the time the posts had nothing to do with future events and the name John Titor was not. Due libri scritti nel 1800 predicono che un uomo di nome Donald Trump sarà l'ultimo presidente degli Stati Uniti. Nel 1890, l'autore Ingersoll Lockwood scrisse due libri che sottolineavano con precisione la nostra attuale situazione politica. Questi due libri sono Marvlous Underground Journey del barone Trump e The last president. In L'ultimo presidente (1896), c'

John Titor diente - und das ist kein Druckfehler - in den Jahren 2030 bis 2036 als Commander der 177th Time Travel Division in Area 51. Er reiste in die Zukunft und wieder zurück. Er schildert hier sein Leben und seine Einsätze zum ersten Mal und enthüllt dabei die verborgenen Wahrheiten hinter der größten Vertuschungsaktion der Menschheitsgeschichte Who was John Titor? These three questions have been asked, in a variety of forms and in a variety of formats, for nearly 20 years now (My God, has it been that long?). Thus far, I have seen scant evidence that the online discussion has progressed beyond these three basic questions and, in recent weeks, I have been reminded of this Time Translator: Donald John Trump and the 911 Code. This article is not pro nor anti Trump. Time translators are persons, organisations, ideas, devices or other elements that contributed to the time phenomena and life on Planet Earth John Titor also predicted on January 29, 2001that there is no official Olympics after 2008. However, it may revive again in 2040. There were many predictions occurred by John Titor

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There is this connection to John Titor and Donald Trump. A wild twist is that Donald could be using the name in some format. Because the uncle of Donald Trump with the name John Trump had Tesla notes. It makes sense that John Titor who is the same soul as Nikola Tesla might connect with Donald Trump in this life in some format If you are a time travel passionate for sure you have heard of John Titor. In a previous article I wrote who he was, some of his predictions but let's have a closer look into his work, into his words and then you can think and decide if he was a real time traveler from 2036 or is it just a hoax.. After warning us about a nuclear war, giving some advice to the people, sharing photos even with. Donald Trump = John Titor +probably causing Mandela Effect +has Tesla secrets page: 6. 160 3 4 5 >> log in. join. share: carewemust. posted on May, 6 2017 @ 04:07 AM link . a reply to: pirhanna That is why I started the thread declaring Donald Trump as the modern day Moses Just in case you don't know, Israel is in the process of destroying the United States of Amerika, that Hebrew colony that believes the Holy Bible as words of God. You think it's Communists, or Antifa, or rioters paid by George Soros. It's the Jews who are organizing the violence just like they have don Author Topic: John Titor Returns from the Future to discuss the Trump Presidency! Must Read! (Read 120605 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Weisshaupt. Conservative Superhero; Posts John Titor: I agree. Trump will claim that how one paid their medical bills once used to be no one else's business as well,.

Trump Has a Time Machine | John Titor | Know Your MemeIs Trump a time traveller or undercover shopper

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Che ne è stato dell'uomo venuto dal futuro, John Titor

Donald Trump Is A Time Traveler Named John Titor In this episode we will hear from a conspiracy theorist named Colleen who insists that Donald Trump is actually a time traveler from the year 2036 And here I must tell you, that maybe John Titor is only the person, who made jokes to other people. But as we know that legend remains. In the early age of Internet was very difficult to track people over the net, but nowadays it's easier to copy the IP-address of some computer, and then track that computer from the Internet INDOZONE.ID - John Titor adalah nama seseorang yang pernah mengaku berasal dari masa depan dan dikirim untuk pergi ke masa lalu. Kemunculannya pertama kali bermula di sebuah forum internet di tahun 2000 dan membuat pengakuan diri. Dilansir dari berbagai sumber, John mengklaim dirinya adalah prajurit yang dikirim dari tahun 2036 Trump predicted 911? Trump has a time machine?? Trump is Titor??? Barron? His Grandfather???? John Trump Nikola Tesla?? This is wild. That was cool, no wonder POTUS is always 5 steps ahead of the DS, the Dems and the Media....Think about it... I am the kind of person who can entertain any idea and still not Believe In it. I did say it was wild

Meet Time Traveler John Titor, Who Said He Came From The

On March 21, 2001, Titor told us he would be leaving our timeline and returning to 2036. After that, he was never heard from again. Speculation and investigation about who John Titor was and why he was online continues to this day. (It is certain that if he is real, the powers that be today do not want people to believe he was real) Now I start a series called Time travelers. Purpose of this series is to investigate different kind of stories related to time travelers. These cases might be urban legends, but most of them there is no explanation available. First traveler of the series is maybe the most famous one called John Titor. It's been a Continue reading Time travelers part I, John Titor Barron Trump Time Travel Conspiracy John Titor A conspiracy theory has come to light seeking to prove the internet phenomenon John Titor was not only real but may have been controlling WWE wrestling for years. Titor was an internet sensation in the early noughties who claimed to be a genuine time-traveler from the year 2,036

Is Donald Trump the Time Traveller John Titoroverview for donald_durdenJohn Titor: The Time Traveler's Story & Predictions

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Saluti. Sono un viaggiatore temporale proveniente dall'anno 2036. Sto tornando a casa dopo aver recuperato un computer IBM 5100 dal 1975. Con queste parole, un uomo di nome John Titor si presentò in un forum Internet il giorno 2 novembre 2000. Ovviamente, nessuno, immediatamente, volle credergli, ritenendo le sue parole semplicemente i deliri di u Sono le profezie di John Titor e attualmente sembrano prossime a verificarsi. A nostro parere Titor e' un personaggio di fantasia, un burlone che fra il 2000 e il 2001 apparve su un forum internet dichiarando di essere un viaggiatore del tempo I'll throw in my to cents since looking up fred and john trump, and everyone agrees on whom they are. But now something interesting i found about John Titor. Per wiki. John Titor is the name used on several bulletin boards during 2000 and 2001 by a poster claiming to be a military time traveler from 2036

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QAnon (AFI: italiano [ˈkwu:aːnɔn], inglese /kjuːəˈnɒn/) è una teoria del complotto di estrema destra secondo la quale esisterebbe una ipotetica trama segreta organizzata da un presunto stato profondo contro il presidente degli Stati Uniti Donald Trump e i suoi sostenitori. La teoria ha avuto inizio con una pubblicazione lasciata da qualcuno nell'ottobre 2017 sulla piattaforma. John Titor - osoba podająca się za podróżnika w czasie, rzekomo urodzona w 1998 roku, przybyła do współczesności (w roku 2000) z przyszłości (roku 2036) jako 38-latek.. 2 listopada 2000 roku w Internecie na pewnym forum dyskusyjnym zaczęły pojawiać się posty od osoby, która nazwała się TimeTravel_0 (Podróżwczasie_0) (później przedstawiała się jako John Titor) i La storia di John Titor è molto affascinante e sicuramente contiene degli elementi molto accattivanti che inducono a considerarla si falsa, ma con delle riserve. Vuoi per le incongruenze, apparentemente assenti nel suo racconto, vuoi per i dettagli tecnici sui quali si basa, il personaggio di John Titor da anni fa discutere gli appassionati di fantascienza di tutto il mondo

Let's assume that Titor was a decade off : JohnTitor

John Titor è un sedicente crononauta che si è fatto conoscere esclusivamente attraverso alcuni forum di Internet. Il suo primo post, con nickname TimeTravel_0, è del 2 novembre 2000 sul forum del sito web del Time Travel Institute[1], diversamente da quanto suggerisce il nome, un semplice gruppo di appassionati sulla tematica del viaggio nel tempo e non un istituto di ricerca scientifica. Jun 6, 2020 - Explore johntitor2063's board John Titor on Pinterest. See more ideas about John, Pet goat, Refugees and asylum seekers John Titor, Tampa. 19 d. vind-ik-leuks. John Titor - Time traveler from the year 2036. I was assigned to a governmental time-travel project. I was sent back to the year 1975 to retrieve an IBM 5100..

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