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All you need about chemo. Read more about chemo All you need about groups. Read more about groups mAbxience is a Spanish fully-fledged biotech company with a decade of experience in developing and manufacturing biosimilars. Part of the Spanish multinational Insud Pharma (formerly Chemo), a group with +40 years of experience, more than 6,000 professionals and presence in 40 countries around the world Spanish-based Chemo Group, has purchased 100% of the Genhelix biopharmaceutical plant, a development and R&D center, located in Spain. The operation is one of the biggest investments ever made by a Spanish company in a biotechnology project. mAbxience, a pioneer in biosimilar monoclonal antibodies, has an ambitious investment plan in the new plant to increase its capacity in the coming years

Así, bajo este nuevo nombre se integran sus tres áreas de negocio y marcas conocidas: Chemo, Exeltis y mAbxience. Chemo es la división industrial del Grupo y un referente en investigación, desarrollo y fabricación de formas farmacéuticas terminadas y principios activos farmacéuticos para las principales áreas terapéuticas Chemo fulfils its social responsibilities through Mundo Sano, a non-profit foundation whose vision is the transformation of the realities of the populations affected by neglected diseases.Chagas, geo-parasitism, dengue, leishmaniasis and hydatidosis are some of the illnesses that often affect the most vulnerable sectors, causing severe health consequences for those who suffer them INSUD PHARMA is the new name of Chemo Group. 11/24/2017. Therefore, our three pharma brands, Chemo, Exeltis and mAbxience. Chemo is the Group's industrial division, and a leader in research, development and the manufacture of finished dosage forms and active pharmaceutical ingredients for the main therapeutic areas INSUD PHARMA is the new name of Chemo Group. Friday, November 24, 2017. Therefore, our three pharma brands, Chemo, Exeltis and mAbxience, are now grouped together under this name. This new identity is the result of the development and diversification of the company's pharma activity

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The pharmaceutical industry is our initial activity, and the most important one, as it represents 80% of our revenues. It includes three companies: Chemo, the Group's first company, focusing on the production of pharmaceutical ingredients and generics; Exeltis, a company that manufactures and markets branded medicines, and mAbxience, a producer of biosimilars Grupo Insud is a business group fully owned by Argentine shareholders, with a diversified business portfolio and a presence in more than 40 countries. Its main assets are in Argentina, Spain, Italy, China, USA and Switzerland. Its founders and only shareholders are PhD in Biochemistry Silvia Gold and Psychiatrist Hugo Sigman.Grupo Insud operates in the Life Sciences, Agribusiness, Information. Hugo Sigman (born 1st january 1944) is the founder, CEO and -jointly with his wife, Biochemist Silvia Gold— the only shareholder of Grupo Insud, a business group with presence in the fields of pharmaceuticals, agroforestry, cinema, nature and design

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Chemo | 47,160 follower su LinkedIn | Global Affinity in Healthcare | CHEMO operates across the entire pharmaceutical value chain, delivering specialized expertise and experience in scientific research, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of a wide range of value-adding active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), finished dosage forms (FDFs) and branded pharmaceuticals, for human and. So, under this new name, we are integrating our three areas of business and well-known brands: Chemo, Exeltis and mAbxience. Chemo is the Group's industrial division, and a leader in research, development and the manufacture of finished dosage forms and active pharmaceutical ingredients for the main therapeutic areas mAbxience es la compañía de Chemo especializada en el desarrollo y fabricación de medicamentos biológicos. Cuenta con dos plantas de producción de principios activos: una ubicada en Buenos Aires, Argentina; y la otra situada en León, España mAbxience, Chemo's global brand specializing in R&D and the production of biosimilars is founded. pharmADN, South America's monoclonal antibody plant, opens in Argentina. Sinergium Biotech, Latin America's only plant to develop and produce vaccines and biotech medicines, opens in Argentina, with Grupo Insud as shareholder mAbxience is a Chemo company specializing in the development and production of biologicals. We are a group of Argentine-capital companies committed to the development of the country through long-term projects. We started working in the pharmaceutical industry, our main activity

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  1. INSUD PHARMA is the new name of Chemo Group - mAbxience
  2. INSUD PHARMA is the new name of Chemo Group
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El Grupo Chemo cambia su nombre a Insud Pharma

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  1. mAbxience acquires 100% of biopharmaceutical company
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  3. Chemo / Global Affinity in Healthcar
  4. INSUD PHARMA - Grupo Insu
INSUD PHARMA es el nuevo nombre del Grupo Chemo | Chemo GroupEPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals and mAbxience Sign Latin America

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Interview: Lucas Sigman – Director General, Chemo, Spain

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  4. Interview: Lucas Sigman - Director General, Chemo, Spain
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